My Approach

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, helping people reduce their anxiety, stress, and anger; overcome addiction; and improve their relationships. Clients solve their problems by first acquiring skills to reduce the frequency and intensity of symptoms that may be affecting their quality of life, and then by developing awareness and insight into the conditions that cause those symptoms to arise. My work is to facilitate the acquisition of these skills.

By understanding the unique causes of their suffering and problems, clients can make meaningful changes in their thinking and behavior, which in turn changes their experience of everyday life, sometimes dramatically. I help clients align their behavior and thinking with their own values and goals, so that the changes are meaningful. Once meaningful changes have taken place, a growth maintenance plan helps consolidate gains and supports further improvement.

My approach is grounded in psychological science. I use validated assessment instruments and empirically supported treatments to address clients’ most pressing problems, adjusting the approach to their current life circumstances. I rely primarily on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution-focused coaching for most problems, adding adjunctive interventions (such as hypnosis or mindfulness training) when indicated. 


My Background

I trained in clinical science at the State University of New York (SUNY), where I earned an MS and a PhD in clinical psychology, practicing cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis, and mindfulness-based interventions in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings. After SUNY, I completed a pre-doctoral internship at the Long Beach VA Medical Center, specializing in reducing combat trauma, depression, and addiction. I finished my formal training at the Long Beach VAMC with a postdoctoral fellowship treating severe mental illness. To keep my knowledge and skills current, I engage in ongoing training though formal continuing education programs and independent study.

My research background is primarily psychometrics (the theory and techniques of psychological measurement). At SUNY, our lab studied measures of hypnotic suggestibility, while I constructed and validated a measure of experiential acceptance, a correlate of mindfulness. During my internship and fellowship years at the Long Beach VAMC, I served as a statistician on a number of test development and validation projects related to veterans’ combat and post-deployment experiences. Currently, I am a project director at WPS, where I lead teams that develop flagship psychological and educational assessment instruments for the commercial market.

For a complete professional history, you can visit my LinkedIn page.